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2008 Push Gallery Shows
Lee Buckner


Iron Show




God Went Surfing with the Devil


Flutter | David Hale

 David Hale

Artist Statement
I have a sincere devotion to understanding realms of existence we do not experience with our sensory organs.  I think we all feel this existence. It speaks to all of us, in signs and messages, in words and songs, in thoughts and movements, in a different way for every individual.  We all listened as children, spoke to this mystery, and took time to enjoy its presence.  Yet many of us have forgotten how to listen, or just decided to stop speaking back.  

I have decided to listen.  

These paintings are my way of speaking back, of thanking the mystery for the blessings that guide me.  I hope they might help you appreciate blessings that guide you.  

February 2008

Chad Cardoza One Man Group Show


Chad Cardoza uses a variety of mediums to communicate his artistic point of view.  He is known for incorporating paint, paper, wood, fabric, metal, foam, mannequins, skateboards and just about anything else he can get his hands on into his art. He draws his influence from his love of skateboarding and underground music.  He started out making concert posters in the Tampa Bay area.  They quickly stood out and were featured in "Swag 2: Rock posters of the 90s and beyond."

He has been in a variety of shows around the area and has been recognized both in the paper and on the radio for his unique work.  

Born and raised in the area, Chad now resides in South Tampa with his wife Suzie and their dog Madi.

Current/Upcomng Exhibitions
Tampa Museum of Art – Tampa, FL - December 2007
Push Art Gallery (Solo Show) – Asheville, NC – January 2008
Tampa Museum of Art – Tampa, FL - January 2008
Tampa Artist Emporium – Tampa, FL - Ongoing
Artwalk – Boone, NC – November 2007

Past Exhibitions
Gala Corina Illuminacion – Tampa, FL - November 2007
Avant Garde at Fly Bar – Tampa, Fl (Featured Artist) – November 2007
Dayone Artspace (Solo Show) – Bridgeport, CT – September 2007
Transitions Art Gallery – Tampa, FL - September 2007
Canvas II – Brandon, FL – July 2007
Tampa Museum of Art – Tampa, FL – May 2007
Transitions Art Gallery (Solo Show) – Tampa, FL – April 2007

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